Ash Rao - Writing Samples Portfolio

Ash Rao - Writing Samples Portfolio

Podcast Host 'Passion To Profession'| Coach | Blogger/Author | Contributor @ Fast Company, Thrive Global, Powerhouse Global Magazine,

Ash Rao

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8 Lessons from the book “The Motivation Myth”

For most of us, getting motivated is not hard. But sustaining it long enough to accomplish meaningful goals is challenging . The Motivation Myth - a book by Inc's most popular columnist presents a path breaking approach to long lasting motivation needed to attain success!

5 Inspiring Stories to Rise from Failure to Fabulous

Failure occurs more often than we think. Walking away seems all too appealing, giving up is an easy option. But should you stop trying? The answer is clearly no. Here are 5 stories to inspire you to rise from failure to fabulous!

8 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Beat Procrastination and Get Things Done!

Procrastination is a hindrance to productivity and can stifle your ability to achieve your goals! Here are 8 simple strategies to beat procrastination and get things done!

Are you a Brave Leader? Check to see if you have this rare Leadership Trait!!

Brave Leaders of today are those who step up and lead in spite of their own fears and uncertainties and this Vulnerability is what makes them Human ! Those brave souls who are able to leap past the jargon and steer others towards making an impact!

Rise N Shine: Morning Habits which can transform your life (even for those who hate mornings!)

Are you a night owl fascinated by the potential of mornings ? If so, here is how you can become a morning person and some simple habits to adapt which can positively change your life.

How a book about Sniper Mind can change your Life: A Chat with International Author and Speaker , David Amerland!

Have you ever wondered how would it be to have a superpower within you? Not the fantasy world of Wolvervine like Claws or princess magic power , but a superpower which is real and achievable . Read on to know more!

5 Skills Every Recruiter Must Have

In today’s competitive market, it is no surprise that new wanna-be recruiters find it challe...

5 Ways to Build Meaningful Work Relationships - Thera-Smart

How do we build meaningful relationships at work? How has technology changed the way we interact with colleagues. Ash Rao, lead HR, shares her insights.

3 Entrepreneurship Lessons from “The Greatest Showman”!

I cringe a little when it comes to movie musicals and in full disclosure I wasn’t a big fan until now. Other than seeing Hugh Jackman on the big screen, I had no expectations about “The Greatest Sh…

Concise Cheat Sheet for Phone Interviews- Do's and Don't s

Lets Face it- Most of us at one time or another, have attended phone interviews while pursuing better career opportunities. It is almost always

4 Simple Steps to perfect your Elevator Pitch

  Elevator Pitch is a brief persuasive speech that you use to spark interest in what you...

10 Networking secrets for those who hate networking!

Do you think networking is a chore? Do you hate attending networking events and would rather spend time reading a book? Relax...You are not alone! Many of us feel awkward in such situations - it is just that some people are better at hiding their insecurities better than others!

Decoding the Motivation Myth: A Chat with Jeff Haden-'s popular Columnist and Author, Linkedin Influencer!

Is Motivation a prerequisite for success? Can Motivation be created? A Candid discussion with Jeff Haden - Author of "The Motivation Myth"

1 Simple Habit Proven to make you more Successful

Want to learn a simple success habit and a shared secret of super successful high-performers like Richard Branson, Sheryl Sandberg, Bill Gates and Tim Ferriss? Read on and make a note of this as this fundamental habit will enable you to become more productive and successful at whatever you do!

7 Effective Ways to Build Resilient Relationships While Working Remotely!

Why building relationships is important and how you can create strong bonds with people you work with virtually!